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Apron & asphalt repair

The apron of your driveway is the area that extends 2 to 6 feet out from the front of your garage concrete slab. Sometimes an apron is asphalt , other times it's cement. MDS specialized in Asphalt apron. There are many homes in Minnesota that are in need of an apron replacement.

When you start seeing settling or holes at the top of your asphalt driveway/apron, Minta Contracting can help fix that problem. We can get rid of that bump into your garage and also save the foundation under the garage from deterioration. See the pictures below.

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This is MDS preferred Apron and Asphalt repair methodology.


The area is saw-cut at the edge of the deteriorated area

Apron Repair - Saw Cut


The asphalt and stone are removed

Asphalt Repair Work - Stone removal


The base is inspected, re-based if needed with class five and compacted thoroughly

Asphalt Removal Inspection


Tack coat (which acts like asphalt glue) is applied for better bandage

Asphalt Tack Coat


Hot asphalt is then added to the proper thickness

Asphalt Thickness Design


Compacting to match the surrounding elevations using plate compactor.

Asphalt Repair by using Plate Compactor


Finished Apron Repair

finished apron repair
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