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Residential sealcoating & asphalt maintenance

We encourage you to please take a few moments to get to know us and what we do best. When it comes to choosing the right asphalt maintenance company for all your residential asphalt work, you’ve made the right decision by choosing MDS, your #1 stop for all your asphalt Maintenance needs.


Not Sealcoating and regularly maintaining your asphalt driveway is not an OPTION. For just pennies per square foot you can greatly extend the service life and SAVE MONEY on your asphalt driveway by sealcoating, crack filling, apron and pothole repair. Our Team of experts are highly trained, talented, and dedicated to solving your asphalt pavement maintenance Needs. With State-of-the-Art Equipment, the finest environmental friendly products (Asphalt Emulsion Sealer), and the best-trained staff, we can help you design the long and short-term services plan that suits your budget. We understand that nothing lasts forever, but with our expertise, your driveway could come close. Asphalt driveway undergo daily punishment from severe Minnesota winter, constant traffic, standing water, harmful UV rays, and gasoline/ oil spill. Without proper seal coating (blacktopping) and maintenance, the original protection of a new asphalt driveway could be severely compromised after only a few years of use, we can help preserve and extend your asphalt driveway to Beautify, Protect and SAVE MONEY.

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All Residential driveways will receive the following preferred MDS sealcoating (Blacktopping) process.


All grass areas will be power edged to ensure a manicured finish upon application of sealer and will allow the pavement sealer to penetrate and seal the edges and prevents grass from growing in the edges of the driveway. If you have mulch beds or rock beds, they will be pushed back to expose the driveway edges. If you have brick pavers on the edge of your driveway, our dedicated workmanship is the cleanest in the business we will make sure that no sealer reaches any non-target surface.

power edging


We use high power blowers to remove all dirt, debris, mulch, and dust from your driveway. Good preparation is key to ensure the pavement sealer bonds properly on the asphalt driveway.

power cleaning


We will apply latex based oil spot primer to all oil, gas and grease spots on the driveway to provide a good cohesive bond with the pavement sealer and reduce bleed through.

oil spot treatment


We use hot crack filler to seal the joint between the asphalt and concrete at the garage apron if the joint has opened to a width of 1/4" or more.

patching and apron repair


We use Hot Pour Rubberized Crack Sealant to seal any cracks in the driveway which are larger than 1/2". Minta Contracting utilizes the highest quality direct fire hot pour rubber sealant on the market today.

crack repair


We hand brush for a smooth & better coverage (only spray big driveway and commercial parking lots).



Upon completion we will barricade your driveway with custom Minta Contracting yellow Banner Tape with our number on it to prevent people from walking / driving on the driveway for the 48 hr cure time.

barricaded driveway
MDS claims 100% Satisfaction for Its Residential Sealcoating and Asphalt Maintenance Services